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BELUX Products are individually hand cast. Our foundry makes its own casting dies, thanks to which we can meet the particular wishes of our clients in reasonable time.

We cast items for the gastronomy industry as well as for the "household equipment" sector. Since 1984 we have commercialised part of our production under the BELUX brand.

fond imprimé belux 

 Original BELUX Cast Pans, only genuine with the BELUX brand stamped in the base!

 Our pans and casseroles, in diameters varying from 16 to 80 cm, are used on a daily basis both by Horeca professionals and home cooks throughout Europe. Our products have frequently won awards from cookery magazines and trade fairs.

 BELUX Craftsman-cast saucepans, frying pans and casseroles are hand made in high qualityaluminium. Deformation of the pan is impossiblethanks to the individually turned and perfectly flat 7mm thermo-base.

 Craftmanship and experience is at the basis of all BELUX material and products.

Strictest quality control assures the very highest standards.

 Thanks to this treatment the cooking qualities are further improved and the non-stick coating rendered yet more durable.